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Trinity Welcome Back Drinks

Punts & Pints is an activity which combines two quintessentially Oxonian traditions, Punting (Traversing a river in a small boat steered with a stick) and summer drinks. Taking full advantage of the warm summer weather, we will be organizing a punting expedition at the University's Botanical Gardens. This will be accompanied by a picnic in the parks afterwards. To celebrate our nation's 50th anniversary this year, this picnic will have a Singaporean slant to it, resulting in an activity which is equal parts Singaporean and Oxonian. As such, we will be including traditional snacks such as Keropok & Biscuit Piring to the picnic alongside traditional British summer drinks such as Fruit Punch and Sangria. Traditional Singaporean childhood games will also be organized to add a sense to nostalgia to the event. Highlights to this event include: Punting (6-10 Punts will be available for participants), Childhood Singaporean Games (Chaptek, Flag Eraser Wars, Pick up Sticks, Animal Chess, etc.), Sports popular amongst Singaporeans (Frisbee, Soccer), Singaporean snacks (Keropok, Biscuit Piring, Haw Flakes, etc.) and British summer drinks (Sangria, Cider & Fruit Punch). Through this activity, we hope to strengthen the sense of community amongst the Singaporean population at Oxford. Additionally, in our 50th anniversary, we hope to celebrate the rich and unique culture that has taken root in Singapore. Strengthen a sense of community amongst the Singaporeans abroad through meaningful projects and activities - Punts & Pints is an annual event unique to the Singaporean students in Oxford, and has traditionally been a very popular way for them to relax and catch up with each other amidst the academic rigour of the Oxford curriculum. This event hopes to foster a stronger sense of community between the students in a way that does not feel forced and overbearing. Through the introduction of traditional Singaporean childhood games, we hope to invoke a sense of nostalgia and shared memories amongst the participants, thus reminding them of their links to Singapore and of our shared heritage and community. Celebrate Singapore's culture & heritage - Although many have derided Singapore for not having a culture of its own, we disagree with this statement. As such, we plan to use this activity as a platform to showcase Singapore's unique culture. This is done through two prongs. Firstly, as a nation obsessed with eating, we will be celebrating Singapore's unique culinary heritage through the introduction of snacks consumed widely during our childhood years, such as Kueh Bahlu and Biscuit Piring. Secondly, we will also be organizing games for the participants that were often played during our childhood, such as Flag Eraser Wars, Chaptek & Five Stones. This inculcates in the event a meaningful flashback to home for the Singaporeans attending the event, who will indubitably appreciate the little reminders of home while studying overseas, and participating in an otherwise quintessentially Oxonian activity.

- 29 Apr 2015
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End of Semester Dinner Spring 2015

As the academic year comes to an end, we plan to bring the Singaporean community at CMU together to bond over a shared meal. As the last large gathering before our members disperse, this dinner will also be an opportunity for the SSA to review the significant events, both within CMU and back home in Singapore, that have shaped our year.

- 01 May 2015
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