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S-Nexus 2015

1.0 Event Title: S-Nexus 2015 2.0 Event Description: 2.1 S-Nexus is the annual graduation dinner organised by the Singapore Students’ Association Beijing for our members to extend our heartfelt gratitude and congratulations to our graduating seniors. 2.2 S-Nexus, means connection. We hope that even after graduation, our seniors who are entering into a new phase of their life, would say connected to SSA Beijing as our valued alumni. 2.3 The theme for S-Nexus 2015 is School’s Out. Attendees will be dressed according to the theme and we would come together to celebrate a night of good food, good company and fun. Apart from the buffet dinner, the exco and our members have planned out a series of exciting performances and filmed appreciation videos from every batches of students in Beijing. 2.4 We intend to reach the following objectives with our event: 2.4.1 Strengthening community spirit and friendship amongst Singaporean students in Beijing; 2.4.2 Leaving graduating seniors with a night to remember; 2.4.3 And hope that our graduating seniors would remain connected to Singapore and SSA Beijing. 2.5 On behalf of Singaporean students from Beijing, our association sincerely requests for the Overseas Singaporean Unit for its kind assistance in funding our event.

- 31 May 2015
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UCLA SSA Graduation Banquet

UCLA SSA Graduation Banquet

UCLA SSA is planning to host a Senior Graduation Dinner Banquet for Singaporeans. It will be a formal event with approximately 30 people attending. Seniors will be allowed to give speeches to share their experiences with fellow Singaporeans. The purpose of the event is to foster a sense of community among Singaporeans here in UCLA and to remind the seniors of their ties to Singapore. It will be a time where Singaporeans can get together amidst their busy schedules and have the opportunity to bond. Furthermore, it will also be a chance for seniors to show their appreciation for the continuous support provided by the Singaporean community as well as overseas Singapore support groups. This is an unprecedented event to establish UCLA SSA as a rising club on campus and to ensure that Singaporeans identify themselves with the club.

- 05 Jun 2015
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CUMSA Annual Garden Party

The CUMSA garden party is an annual event held in June, after the examinations. It is an excellent opportunity for CUMSA members to relax after the exam term and mingle with others over food and drinks while enjoying the summer weather.

- 16 Jun 2015
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