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Faqs OSU-PAssion Card Membership


About the OSU-PAssion Card

1. What is the OSU-PAssion Card?

OSU partnered with People’s Association (PA) to create the OSU-PAssion card exclusively for overseas Singaporeans. Launched in November 2012, the card that offers members discounts/privileges at over 1000 local and overseas merchants.

The OSU-PAssion Card replaces the now-defunct OS Club membership card.

The design of the OSU-PAssion Card is as follows:

OSU-PAssion Card is more than just a PAssion Card . In addition to the suite of PAssion Card privileges, the OSU-PAssion Card offers members discounts at selected overseas merchants all around the world.

2. What are the benefits of the OSU-PAssion Card?

The OSU-PAssion Card will provide multiple uses for members as follows:

a. As an EZ-Link Card
The card is enhanced with Contactless ePurse Application (CEPAS) technology that functions as an EZ-Link Card. When overseas Singaporeans are back in Singapore for vacation, they can use the card to take public transport and pay for ERP charges .

*The CEPAS feature will also allow OS to make contactless payment at over 8,300 transaction points including payment of courses and activities in all the Community Clubs and PA outlets.

b. As a Discount Card
There are discount privileges at more than 900 PAssion merchant outlets. Apart from that, additional discount privileges on courses and activities are available at all Community Clubs and all other People’s Association outlets such as Water-Venture and Outward Bound Singapore. Apart from enjoying the above privileges in Singapore, the card can also be used to enjoy benefits offered by overseas merchant partners. Detailed merchants listing can be found here.

c. As a National Library Board (NLB) Partner Membership Card
Members can loan up to 10 items including 4 audio-visual materials on a complimentary basis, with no additional fees or charges. For more information on borrowing privileges, please refer here.

d. As a Loyalty Card
Members can earn TapForMore points at participating retail banners under Dairy Farm Singapore (DFS) such as Cold Storage, Market Place, Shop & Save supermarkets; Giant hypermarts; and Guardian Health & Beauty Stores. The points can be used to redeem instant price-off purchases, vouchers and/or items at the participating retail banners. Furthermore, members are also allowed to earn and redeem EzRewards points at both transit and non-transit merchants.


3.What are the features of the OSU-PAssion Card compared to that of the now-defunct OS Club membership card?

The OS Club membership card offered a singular use as a ‘flash and enjoy discounts’ card. The OSU-PAssion Card serves as a multi-functional card that aims to bring greater value to members. The card has an easy contactless payment function which enables the payment for the following back in Singapore:

a. Community Clubs (CC) and Water-Venture courses

b. Transit services (eg. MRT, Taxi and Bus)

c. Motoring charges (eg. ERP charges, only for 2nd Generation IU)

d. Retail and services payment (eg. 7-Eleven, Jollibean, NLB etc)

In addition, the OSU-PAssion Card helps members to earn points in the following ways:

a. Earn EzRewards Points when payment is made using the OSU-PAssion Card with both transit and non-transit merchants. The accumulated EzRewards Points can then qualify members for discounts and promotions at participating EzRewards Merchant outlets; and

b. Earn loyalty points at participating retail banners under Dairy Farm Singapore (DFS) when payment is made using the OSU-PAssion co-branded card.

4. Will my OS Club membership be automatically converted to the OSU-PAssion Card membership?

No. You are cordially invited to submit your application for the OSU-PAssion Card at the following website:

5. How much is the OSU-PAssion co-branded card membership?

The OSU-PAssion Card is free-of-charge for all overseas Singaporeans.

6. Who is eligible to apply?

Only a Singapore Citizen holding a valid NRIC above the age of 18, with a valid overseas residential address may apply for the OSU-PAssion card.

7. Where can I apply?

The application for the OSU-PAssion Card can be found at the following website:

8. I would like to apply for a supplementary card for my family member. Where should I go to?

Membership is only offered to main card holder. There is no supplementary card for the OSU-PAssion Card.

9. Is there an expiry date for the OSU-PAssion Card?

Membership is valid for an initial term of five years. The expiry date is indicated on the card face. Thereafter, members may apply to renew their Memberships by reaffirming their existing/updating their personal data with OSU.

10. If I apply for the OSU-PAssion Card online, how long do I have to wait to collect the cards?

From the time of application, it will take about 6 to 8 weeks to process and deliver the OSU-PAssion Card to member’s valid overseas residential address. Do note that incomplete and/or incorrectly filled applications cannot be processed and will be treated as void. Resubmitted applications will be handled on first-come, first-served basis.

We seek your kind understanding and patience as you await your card, as international deliveries may be delayed due to unforeseen circumstances, such as festive holidays postal delays or human error, which we have no control over.

11. What should I do if I do not receive my OSU-PAssion Card after 8 weeks from the time of application?

Please email us at

12. Is the card membership transferable?

No, the OSU-PAssion Card membership is not transferable.

13. What is the cost for card replacement?

Members should report stolen/damaged OSU-PAssion cards immediately to OSU by contacting OSU retains the sole discretion on replacement of lost/damaged cards. A replacement fee of S$8 (on a cost-recovery basis) may be imposed. Should you have value in your misplaced/damaged ezlink card, click here to download the ezlink amount recovery form (excel format) and attached it within the same email to us. Do note that Tap for more points will be automatically transferred once the card is being re-issued.

14. What if I have an existing PAssion card in Singapore? Will I still be eligible for the OSU-PAssion Card?

If you are a Singapore Citizen holding a valid NRIC above the age of 18, with a valid overseas residential address, you are also eligible for the OSU-PAssion card because the PAssion card and OSU-PAssion card are two separate cards.

15. What if I would like to merge the points of my existing PAssion Card with the OSU-PAssion Card?

No, members are not able to do that because earned points are tied to the specific card.

TapForMore Rewards Programme

16. Who can enjoy TapForMore Rewards Programme?

All OSU-PAssion Card members are included in the programme automatically without having to sign up again.

17. What is the TapForMore Rewards Programme?

The TapForMore Rewards Programme is a customer-benefits programme. With the OSU-PAssion Card, members can earn and redeem TapForMore points and enjoy instant price-off purchase, attractive vouchers and/or items when they shop at any Cold Storage, Market Place, Shop N Save, Giant Hypermarket, and Guardian Health and Beauty stores under the Dairy Farm Group in Singapore only.

18. How does the TapForMore Rewards Programme work?

When members present their OSU-PAssion co-branded card at the checkout counter of any participating store, TapForMore points awarded for eligible purchases will be issued and stored in the system.

Eligible purchases exclude online purchases at, Guardian Departure Transit Lounge East T1 and Budget Terminal, purchases done at self-checkout counters, statutory services and products, The Choice vouchers, newspapers, magazines, tobacco and infant milk formula products.

For every $1 spent at the participating stores, members will be awarded with one (1) TapForMore point. These TapForMore points can subsequently be used to redeem instant price-off purchases, attractive vouchers and/or items at our participating stores.

Redemption of TapForMore points is based on 1500 points for S$10. However, there is no minimum number of TapForMore points required for redemption as micro-redemption is allowed. As long as the balance points in the member’s account are valid, members can use it to offset any amount of their purchase at the participating stores.

19. Is there a minimum spend required before I am eligible to earn TapForMore points?

No, there is no minimum spend required to qualify for TapForMore points.

20. Is there an annual TapForMore rewards programme participating fee?

There is no participating fee required for now.

21. Who can I call for general enquiries on the TapForMore rewards programme or on matters related to my points transactions?

For all enquiries on the TapForMore rewards programme, please call PAssion ez-link Card Hotline at +65 6225 5322 or email or visit PA’s website at for more information and Terms & Conditions.

22. How can I check my TapForMore points balance?

The TapForMore points balance will be printed on the receipt every time members shop at any participating stores of the Dairy Farm Group in Singapore.

23. How often will the TapForMore points records be updated in your system?

The TapForMore points transaction from participating stores will be updated daily. However, the updates will only be reflected in our system on the following working day.

24. When will the TapForMore points expire?

The TapForMore points earned in a calendar year expire on 31 December of that year. However, members are given an additional six (6) months' grace period to redeem their TapForMore points. Cold Storage Singapore (1983) Pte Ltd reserves the right to amend the validity period of the TapForMore points. TapForMore points not redeemed by the expiry date shall automatically expire. The TapForMore points shall expire when the membership lapses.

25. Can I get retroactive claim of points with my OSU-PAssion Card and receipt?

The OSU-PAssion Card must be presented at the checkout point of the participating stores to earn TapForMore points. People’s Association is unable to credit the points to member’s account for previous purchases.

26. Can I redeem my points at any participating store or do I have to go back to the respective stores for redemption?

Members may redeem their points at any participating store of Dairy Farm Singapore regardless of where they earn their points as long as the points are still valid.

27. Can I combine the TapForMore points earned in the previous year with the current year’s points earning for the purpose of redemption?

Yes. Members may combine TapForMore points earned in different years for the purpose of redemption as long as they are valid.

28. Can I merge the TapForMore points on my card with my family member’s card?

No. The OSU-PAssion co-branded card is designated for individual use. No merging or transfer of points is allowed.

29. Can I change my mind on my redemption if I am dissatisfied with my purchase?

No. Redemption of points cannot be reversed once processed. After the redemption process is completed. Rewards may not be exchanged; refunds for or replacements of rewards will not be entertained.