12 Jan 2015

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Singapore: Now and the next 50 years

Singapore: Now and the next 50 years


Distinguished Business Leader,
Mr Simon Cheong

The Overseas Singaporean Unit (OSU) organised London’s seventh Distinguished Business Leaders Series featuring Mr Simon Cheong, Chairman and CEO of SC Global Developments Ltd on 19 March 2010.  About 190 Singaporeans living, studying and working in London enjoyed the evening as Mr Cheong shared his entrepreneurial journey and views on a diverse range of topics including the prospect of the property market in Singapore and the region.

Mr Cheong began his speech by taking the audience through the remarkable transformation of Singapore’s living landscape from a third to a first world country within a short span of 50 years. The audience gained a better understanding of SC Global Developments’ strategy in carving out a niche in the highly competitive property development sector by focusing on the luxury property market segment. He captivated the audience with his candid sharing about the prospects of the property market in Singapore, the trend towards higher quality and better design developments as well as inspired them with his firm personal belief about pursuing one’s passion.

Looking ahead, Mr Cheong also shared with OS the opportunities emerging in the areas of entrepreneurship, culture, sports and the arts, global finance, and education in Singapore. For example, he pointed out that the arts and culture sector employed more than 20,000 people in Singapore, with the design sector alone contributing S$3.4 billion to Singapore’s GDP in 2008. In the finance sector, Mr Cheong observed that banks in Singapore were still hiring, despite job cuts in other key financial centres such as London and New York.  He added that some 7,000 MNCs had their operational headquarters in Singapore and this presented a wide range of career opportunities in Singapore.

Q&A session

The Q&A session was a lively one where Mr Cheong fielded questions on areas including his decision to switch his career from a banker to a property developer and the essential qualities that an entrepreneur must possess in order to succeed.




(L-R) Singapore High Commissioner Michael Teo, Mr Simon Cheong, Chairman and CEO of SC Global Developments Ltd, Mr Chiang Chie Foo (Permanent Secretary, PMO and Defence), Mr Mohyin Kwan, Artiste, and Ms Sim Ann (Director, Overseas Singaporean Unit)

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