12 Jan 2015

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The Fish Shares His Success Tale

The Fish Shares His Success Tale


The Fish Shares His Success Tale

Distinguished Business Leader,
Mr Kenny Yap

Mr Kenny Yap, Executive Chairman and Group Chief Executive Officer of Qian Hu Corporation, spoke to 240 Overseas Singaporeans (OS) and friends during the 18th Distinguished Business Leaders (DBL) Series in Shanghai, China on 21 Nov 2008.

Mr Yap captivated the crowd with his lively demeanor and great sense of humour.

Ms Quah Ley Hoon (Director, OSU)
presenting a token of appreciation to
Mr Kenny Yap

He shared his experiences of setting up Qian Hu Corporation from the humble beginnings to a public-listed corporation.

Shortly after completing his studies, Mr Yap decided to manage the family business in 1991 after a short stint in the corporate world. Rebuilding the family business after two failures was not an easy feat.

Mr Yap was more than determined to turn the business around.



(L-R) Ms Rebecca Ong (President of Fudan Singapore Students Association), Mr Yip Wei Kiat (Consul-General, Shanghai), Mr Teo Ser Luck (Senior Parliamentary Secretary, Ministry of Community Development, Youth and Sports and Ministry of Transport), Mr Kenny Yap (Executive Chairman and Group CEO, Qian Hu Corporation), Ms Quah Ley Hoon (Director, OSU), Mr Jonathan Seah (President, Shanghai Singapore Business Association) and Mr Ernest Wong (President of Shanghai House of Entrepreneurs NUS)


Q&A session

His perseverance and acute business acumen transformed a small agrarian business to a public-listed company within a short span of nine years.

His love for fishes and strong sense of responsibility to his family business gave him the motivation to flourish and guide Qian Hu to great heights. Mr Yap spoke passionately about his key beliefs and values that guided Qian Hu’s corporate philosophy. He opined that diversification and a mindset shift in how he governed Qian Hu from a manufacturing to a service-oriented business attributed to Qian Hu’s success. He believed that these business principles would help prevent and minimise losses during the economic downturn.

Mr Yap also shared his strong beliefs in maintaining a good corporate culture and the importance of creating close-knitted Qian Hu families. These corporate values would in turn create a strong cord of teamwork, camaraderie and commitment that was a corporate culture unique to Qian Hu.  The business’ low staff turnover and happy working environment were a testament to these corporate values.

Following the speech, Mr Yap engaged in an hour of question-and-answer session.  The audience was eager to tap on Mr Yap’s wealth of personal and entrepreneurial experiences.  The audience was impressed with his simple, pragmatic and effective values in managing his business, his employees, and his way of life.  As time ran out, the session ended but the attendees continued to engage Mr Yap during the dinner reception.

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