Nurturing talents: The Singapore way to go

Nurturing talents: The Singapore way to go


Distinguished Business Leader,
Mr Lee Tzu Yang

The Overseas Singaporean Unit (OSU) organised the third Distinguished Business Leaders Series in Melbourne on 23 October 2009 featuring Mr Lee Tzu Yang, Chairman of Shell Companies in Singapore. Over 150 Overseas Singaporeans living, studying and working in Melbourne spent the evening listening and networking with Mr Lee and fellow Singaporeans.

Mr Lee talked about how the education scene in Singapore was changing and in particular with the opening of the School of The Arts (SOTA) in 2004. He elaborated that choices had been created for Singaporean talent – part of the process of transforming Singapore into a talent developer. The outcome would be going beyond attracting top jobs to Singapore, to creating Singapore’s own capacity to nurture talent who can in turn create jobs and opportunities that didn’t exist previously.

Overseas Singaporeans in Melbourne

SOTA was established to nurture future generations of artistes and artistic leaders for Singapore. Developed as a through-train concept, SOTA provides a six-year International Baccalaureate program with its own tailored syllabus, using the arts as a teaching platform.

Mr Lee then moved on to talk about his involvement at the Economic Strategies Committee (ESC). He gave a brief overview of the eight sub-committees of the ESC and his role as the chair of one of the workgroups focusing on “Creating a Best Home for Singaporeans and Global Talents”. The key was the adoption of a broader definition of talent to diversify the talent pool beyond that of academic excellence. The eventual outcome is to encourage both a firm-centric and talent-centric environment where talents could pursue both professional and personal growth. One of the key issues with regard to talent development and management is that of sustainability. He felt that as a country, Singapore needs to be nimble and leverage on our positive position e.g. good relationship with our neighbours and beyond, strong global reputation etc. to attract and retain talent.

Mr Lee answering queries on SOTA

(L-R) Ms Daphanie Teo, High Commissioner Albert Chua, Mrs Veronica Lee (Spouse of Mr Lee Tzu Yang), Mr Lee Tzu Yang (Chairman, Shell Companies in Singapore), Mr Chiang Chie Foo (Permanent Secretary, PMO and Defence), Ms Sim Ann (Director, Overseas Singaporean Unit)

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