“Say what you’ll do, do what you’d say”

“Say what you’ll do, do what you’d say”


“Say what you’ll do, do what you’d say”

Distinguished Business Leader,
Mr Tan Pheng Hock

Mr Tan Pheng Hock, President and Chief Executive Officer of ST Engineering, spoke to an audience of 100 Overseas Singaporeans during the 7th Distinguished Business Leaders Series in San Francisco, California, on 17 October 2007. Mr Tan’s engaging eloquence and laid-back charm proved to be a winner in captivating the audience’s attention. His infectious enthusiasm for doing the thing that he loves clearly shows that success is possible with courage, passion and diligence.

Q&A session

Mr Tan enlightened the audience on the nature of ST Engineering in great detail. His presentation of the vision of the company, as well as the journey it had ventured to reach its current pinnacle of success was compelling. This is especially so when Mr Tan shared with the audience the motivating information that his success was possible even with his humble beginnings.



(L-R) Mr Heng Jee See (Consul-General), Mr Tan Pheng Hock, President and CEO of Singapore Technologies Engineering , and Mr Roy Quek (Director, OSU).


Some of the Overseas Singaporeans who
attended the talk in San Francisco

Mr Tan left the audience enraptured with the company's rise to a veritable global business giant. At the dinner reception, most of the audience was able to get up-close-and-personal with Mr Tan to learn more about the business intricacies of ST Engineering and the company’s career opportunities.  

The 7th DBL Series was undoubtedly a great success, with many looking forward to the next installment of this unique series. 

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