OS "tune in" to news from home

OS "tune in" to news from home


OS "tune in" to news from home

Distinguished Business Leader, Mr Lucas Chow

Mr. Lucas Chow, Chief Executive Officer of Mediacorp, spoke to over 170 overseas Singaporeans during the 12th Distinguished Business Leaders (DBL) Series in Melbourne, Australia on Saturday, 15 March 2008.  Mr. Chow shared with the audience how the Mediacorp had transformed into one of the region’s major media group, the evolution of Singapore’s television scene, and the re-emergence of film-making in Singapore. The familiar sound bites from Channel 5, Channel 8, Channel News Asia, among others – created a sense of home-sickness among many Singaporeans. 

Q&A session


Mr Chow also gave previews of forthcoming Mediacorp projects. The audience asked many questions during the Q&A session, but Mr Chow responded comprehensively. He even gave out his email address to welcome ideas from the audience. Many were enthralled by Mr. Chow’s presentation and his responses during the Q&A and they continued to engage him during the dinner reception.  Many also took the opportunity to understand the career opportunities at Mediacorp.  Mr Chow was even very kind to oblige a group of final year media students with an impromptu 10-minute interview session for their school project!



(L-R) Mr Choong Ming Foong (Ag High Commissioner), Mr Chiang Chie Foo (Permanent Secretary, PMO), Mr Lucas Chow (CEO, MediaCorp), and Mr Roy Quek (Director, Overseas Singaporean Unit, PMO)


Mr Chow mingling with the Overseas Singaporeans

With the kind sponsorship from Mediacorp, Mr. Chow and the Singapore Acting High Commissioner gave out DVDs of the latest home-made movies such as 881 and Phua Chu Kang Pte Ltd, as well as complimentary 1-month access to MOBTV at a lucky draw. 

The early birds also took home the latest Mediacorp’s magazines, including i Weekly, Vanilla and 8 Days! This event is by far the best in attendance compared with the past DBL Series in Australia.  Many Singaporeans look forward to the next DBL Series in Melbourne.

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