Fellow Singaporeans, exercise your birthright!

Fellow Singaporeans, exercise your birthright!


Fellow Singaporeans, Exercise Your Birth Right!

Distinguished Business Leader,
Mr Davinder Singh

Mr Davinder Singh, Chief Executive Officer of Drew & Napier LLC, spoke to an audience of close to 160 Overseas Singaporeans during the 5th Distinguished Business Leaders Series in London, UK, on 18 May 2007. Mr Singh left not a doubt in everyone’s mind that he truly was one of the world’s best litigators. With a potent mix of eloquence, persuasiveness and wit, Mr Singh wowed the audience and left them asking for more. 

Q&A session

Having practised in Singapore all his life, Mr Singh spoke about the tremendous opportunities in Singapore awaiting the Overseas Singaporeans, particularly those in the legal industry.  Mr Singh is a success story himself and he shared with the audience his journey in Drew & Napier - from a junior litigator to Drew & Napier’s Chief Executive Officer and one of the top lawyers in the world. 



(L-R) Mr Roy Quek (Director, OSU), Mr Chiang Chie Foo (Perm Sec, PMO), Mr Davinder Singh (CEO, Drew & Napier LLC and Senior Counsel), Mr Michael Teo (High Commissioner of the Republic of S'pore - UK)


Mr Davinder Singh receiving the
token of appreciation from
Mr Chiang Chie Foo

He made a heartfelt appeal to the Overseas Singaporeans present, urging them to, at some point in their lives, return to Singapore to ride on the burgeoning legal industry.  He felt that this was every Singaporean’s “birthright” and it would be a pity if Overseas Singaporeans did not exercise this right. Mr Singh was equally candid and witty during the Q&A session.  He further impressed the audience with his natural ability to comment and advise on a wide range of issues raised. 

The issues included the challenges facing Singapore’s legal industry, the competitive strategies of Singapore law firms, increasing regional and international competition, and the possibility of work-life balance for lawyers practising in Singapore.  The audience was particularly impressed with the honesty and objectivity of Mr Singh’s responses.  

The enthusiasm of the audience was only interrupted by the emcee’s announcement of the start of the dinner reception.  During the reception, most of them were able to get up-close-and-personal with Mr Singh to learn more about the career opportunities in Singapore as well as about Drew & Napier.  The 5th DBL Series was certainly one of the best the Overseas Singaporeans have ever seen.

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