12 Jan 2015

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MediaCorp to Focus on Content

The technology that allows MediaCorp to reach foreign audiences “cuts both ways” and local audiences have more access to foreign media content than ever, but MediaCorp plans to stay ahead of the game by focusing on content, said MediaCorp Chief Executive Officer Shaun Seow.


The technology that allows MediaCorp to reach foreign audiences “cuts both ways” and local audiences have more access to foreign media content than ever, but MediaCorp plans to stay ahead of the game by focusing on content, said MediaCorp Chief Executive Officer Shaun Seow.

Mr Seow was speaking at a session of the Distinguished Business Leaders Series in Melbourne held on April 5, which was organised by the Overseas Singaporean Unit and attended by more than 220 overseas Singaporeans.

To respond to industry changes and increasing competition for audiences, MediaCorp has launched several products that have helped overseas Singaporeans stay in touch with home, such as MeRadio, which allows listeners to tune in to MediaCorp stations using their smartphones.

“These obviously are business imperatives, as they help us overcome the limited domestic market size.

Mr Shaun Seow (centre) with a group of overseas Singaporeans at the event.  

“But the technology that has enabled us to reach foreign shores cuts both ways.

“Just as it has liberated us from our small domestic market, foreign media too ind it easy to reach out to Singaporeans,” he said, pointing to YouTube and VPN lines to US servers as examples.

While MediaCorp has lined up initiatives on the digital front, “content is king”, stressed Mr Seow.

“We are trying to understand our customers better and sharpening our talent management and recruitment processes,” he said.

Ms Diane Leow, 22, a Monash University Masters of Journalism student, said of the talk: “It is interesting to see the changes MediaCorp has taken in every single aspect, not just in print or television but online as well and see how MediaCorp has tried to bridge that gap and embrace technology.”

Ms An Tay, 24, a fresh graduate with an economics degree from the University of Adelaide, said: “(The event) was very insightful and (Mr Seow) fielded questions well, including those on political discourse and responsibilities of the media. His response was very impartial.”

Apart from speaking about industry trends, Mr Seow also took questions from the participants on political discourse and responsibilities of the media.

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