Singapore – My Home and Global Connection to Asia

Singapore – My Home and Global Connection to Asia


Singapore – My Home and Global Connection to Asia

Distinguished Business Leader, Mr Colin Low

Despite the autumn cold and rain, some 50 Overseas Singaporeans (OS) made their way through heavy traffic in the midst of busy Times Square to turn up at the Millennium Broadway Hotel and listen to a former OS share his corporate philosophy and personal journey of his way back home.  Colin Low was the 8th Distinguished Business Leader (DBL) speaker in the Series and the 2nd speaker in New York City.

Q&A session

Although the long and impressive history of GE from the time of Thomas Edison was a familiar story, many were surprised to learn from Colin Low about how extensive the business of the conglomerate has grown.  Many for instance, heard about GE Money for the first time when Colin Low described how GE Money was competing aggressively and successfully against the four big banks in Singapore especially for Small Medium Enterprises financing.


Prof Wee Hong Ling explaining her artwork to Mr Low as Mr Roy Quek (Director, OSU) looks on.


Mr Low mingling with the Overseas Singaporeans

Citing how challenging his initial return to Singapore was after living twelve years in the US, the affable Colin Low drew laughter when he shared his rude shock on how the sales proceeds from his two cars in LA could not even afford him to pay for a second hand car in Singapore.

Despite an initially difficult transition, ultimately it was a decision that paid off for Colin Low.  Encouraging the OS community to think seriously about returning to Singapore and the region to make a difference, Colin Low said that Singaporeans were in the best position to seize the great opportunities in the bustling Asian region as they were a good representation of both the East and the West and were able to understand and navigate easily between both cultures. 

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