Of citizenship and Singapore’s future

Of citizenship and Singapore’s future


Of citizenship, Singapore’s future, and the value of a global career

Mr Roy Quek, Director of OSU
presenting token to Mr Banerjee

On a wintry night on 8 December 2006, Mr Gautam Banerjee, Executive Chairman of PricewaterhouseCoopers (PwC), warmed an audience of 100 Singaporeans as he spoke on his 25 years with the company, the search for and mobility of talent, and his decision to take up Singapore citizenship at the 3rd Distinguished Business Leaders (DBL) Series event held in New York City. 

Interaction amongst Overseas

Born in India, Mr Banerjee recounted his decision to take up Singapore citizenship in 1990 in an interview with TODAY shortly after the DBL event. “I felt that in Singapore, I would be able to progress without a glass ceiling”, citing the island nation’s reputation for and focus on meritocracy.



(L-R) Roy Quek (Director, OSU), Gopal Menon (Perm Rep to UN, NY) and Richard Grosse (Consul, S'pore Consulate, NY)


Distinguished Business Leader,
Mr Gautam Banerjee

Mr Banerjee added that in today’s intense competition for talent, global companies like PricewaterhouseCoopers sought individuals with global experience. He encouraged Overseas Singaporeans to spend time overseas and gain valuable experience, and believed that this would give both the individual as well as the country a competitive edge. For the audience, the opportunity to interact with a prominent business leader from Singapore and mingle with fellow Singaporeans whilst savoring a dinner spread featuring familiar Singaporean dishes certainly made it an evening well spent. Mr Banerjee attracted much interest during the reception as many of the guests approached him to learn more about career opportunities in Singapore with PwC.

On 22 January 2007, Mr Banerjee was sworn in as a Nominated Member of Parliament in Singapore. Check out exciting career opportunities at http://www.pwc.com



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