World’s Leading Jackup Rig Builder

World’s Leading Jackup Rig Builder


Success story behind the World’s Leading Jackup Rig Builder

Mr Roy Quek (L), Director OSU,
presents token to Mr Choo (R)

On 10 November 2006, Singaporeans in London were treated to a rare inside glimpse of how Singapore’s homegrown Keppel Off-Shore and Marine rose to become one of the world’s leading jackup rig builder by its Executive Chairman Mr Choo Chiau Beng.

“That Singapore is now the world's largest builder of jackups and oil rigs is thanks to a group of men who had the vision to think out of the box. For how else can you explain an island with few resources and no oil, having the capacity and skills to build some of the most sophisticated vessels put to sea, operating in some of the harshest environments - from the heat of the tropics to the cold of the North Sea?” Business Times (23 Sep 2006)


Distinguished Business Leader,
Mr Choo Chiau Beng

More than 100 Singaporeans and guests were intrigued by Mr Choo who spoke about building rigs, investing in real estate and even the venture capital market; all part of the diverse business of the Keppel Group. Mr Choo who is also Singapore’s Non-Resident Ambassador to Brazil also shared his experience of doing business places as different as the Netherlands, Brazil and around the world. For many of the Singaporeans, the evening could not have ended better with good Singaporean food, invaluable opportunity to speak with Mr Choo with many old friends found, new friends made and exciting careers awaiting beckoning at the Keppel Group. Check out exciting career opportunities at


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