06 Nov 2012

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Wong Li-Lin, Founder, Loopz® Fitness

She’s been described as a “bona fide Tour de Force, armed with wit, intelligence and a mesmerising aura.”


She’s been described as a “bona fide Tour de Force, armed with wit, intelligence and a mesmerising aura.”

She became an instant celebrity when she appeared on TV as the gung-ho Inspector Elaine Tay in the police drama Triple Nine on Channel 5. Since then she went on to play numerous lead roles on both the small and big screens.  The effectively bilingual host and presenter then married fellow celebrity Allan Wu, became a proud mother to two children, authored children’s books, and is now an entrepreneur. And these are just some of her life’s accomplishments.

She is of course, the undeniable Ms Wong Li-Lin.

While I’m certain Singapore dearly misses Li-Lin who is now based in Shanghai, many lucky overseas Singaporeans based in Birmingham and Bristol will get the rare opportunity to meet her in person at an upcoming SG Buzz series in the UK. Li-Lin shares with us in this special e-mail interview, the personal details of her life, family and business.

Venturing Abroad with the Family

Sensing opportunity in the rapidly growing Chinese market, Li-Lin and her family relocated to Shanghai in 2011 in a spirit of adventure. There, her eyes were opened to a whole different world.

“Shanghai is an incredibly dynamic and fast paced city. The Chinese are people who enjoy learning and are keen to apply themselves. It's such a competitive place so I can see why they are as diligent as they are innovative,” Li-Lin says.

While Li-Lin says the family is “pretty mobile and not restricted by any set perspectives, so a new environment is welcomed and embraced”, she confessed needing to get used to the Chinese system of doing business. “As a full-on Singaporean used to set protocols, the malleability of systems and lack of transparency here can be difficult to navigate.”

And while Li-Lin assures us that she is coping perfectly fine and has settled into regular life, she misses her friends and family. She says, “They're the building blocks to my life for so long, the people I reach out for to laugh or commiserate with... our shared experiences is a lifetime in the making”.

But just how ‘regular’ is life for a celebrity couple like Li-Lin and Allan? “I used to think our lives were pretty regular but now I know it is far from it. However what is 'regular' is that we do homework with our kids, bathe them, tuck them to bed. We have movie nights. We play in the park. We fight. We laugh. That sort of thing,” Li-Lin reveals.

The many faces of the talented Wong Li-Lin

Looping People into Fitness

Li-Lin can claim to be a typical wife and mother, but she’s certainly no typical woman as she takes on the challenges of being an entrepreneur as well. In 2009, she decided to put her foot down to graduate from being an armchair entrepreneur to becoming a practising one, and established Loopz® Fitness, a unique exercise band and fitness system.

Today, passionate about her new endeavour, Li-Lin aims to help people move in spite of busy (and often sedentary) lifestyles, and also to thrive and live with vitality. Using the band to create 'fitness movements' anytime, anywhere, one can transform the time between tasks into an opportunity to get fit.

At first glance, the Loopz® fitness band seems deceptively innocuous enough. Li-Lin said that for most newbies, especially sporty and fit men, they would respond in a condescending manner to what a simple device could really do for them. “It's always amusing when they get cracking to see the realisation dawn upon them at how inefficient they have been in training and movement.”

“Ultimately though, we (Loopz® Fitness) are not about a product. We are about getting you unstuck - in your life, your fitness progress (super fit or otherwise) - and becoming better” says Li-Lin, who also coaches beyond physical fitness, in the area of lifestyle wellness.


Li-Lin walks the talk and is on a crusade to bring health and fitness to all.

A Life of Honesty and Kindness

So what enables Li-Lin to “become better” herself? Giving us a glimpse into the inner workings of her life, she reveals it is to live a life of honesty and kindness, coupled with a desire to learn and excel, as well as to find a sense of fulfilment within oneself. 

Living honestly and kindly are the guiding principles that frame what Li-Lin says, thinks and does and in so doing, creating an authentic life. She admits to having “a huge desire to learn and excel as a human being, ensuring that my life is lived purposely and optimally”. “Realising that we are all equipped with the resources to be enriching and happy is by far the most fulfilling of all. It's not easy... our minds tell us things that we are supposed to have and do. But when it is quiet, you find that fulfilment breathes within us.”

While it has also helped that Li-Lin’s been blessed with “luck in huge doses”, she adds that having “a willingness to look at solutions, not problems, and being prepared to grow with what is offered, including the pitfalls in life” have enabled her to succeed in life.

Guided by her life philosophy, armed with a wealth of experience and building on her successes, she endeavours to bring Loopz® Fitness to the next level with a successful international expansion in the next five years, and enable more people to find movement and health in their lives. She looks to hone her skills as a coach and is looking to create a programme to empower Singapore’s parents and children – for the parents to have more competence in effective communication and for the kids to pursue their life choices with confidence and fortitude.

Li-Lin generously leaves us with one more piece of advice:

“Do what you can with a smile! Sometimes the plate is overflowing and one gets overwhelmed, but I figure out what is working so far and continue in that vein, and take small steps towards the desired outcome to help alleviate the anxiety that comes with wanting to tackle the big goal all at once.” Sounds like good advice indeed.

With my fingers crossed, I asked Li-Lin when she will be back on Singapore television, to which she laughs, “I don't know the answer to that one! Hahahaha!”

By Tan Meng Chuan

Get energised with more fitness, life and success advice from this multi-hyphenate talent Wong Li-Lin, as she graces the SG Buzz series of events in Bristol on 21 Nov and in Birmingham on 22 Nov. Register for the events today!