[Melbourne, Australia] KBOX Karaoke is Melbourne’s best and most authentic private rooms karaoke club.



KBOX is nothing like the karaoke night at your local pub. This is karaoke in your own private room, with a few of your best friends or favourite colleagues, over 100,000 songs (of English, Japanese, Chinese, Thai, Indonesian and Malaysia) at your fingertip and excellent service at the touch of a button. KBOX style of private karaoke is like singing in the shower - totally uninhibited and absolutely without embarrassment.


The rooms vary in size, accommodating between 4 to 22 people each, and are equipped with an extensive song library and state-of-the-art video on demand technology. There are microphones in each room for those singing and percussion for everyone else, and disco light and mirror balls are available in our party rooms for those who like to dance while your friends sing their favourite hits.


KBOX's karaoke CYBERDAM rooms are equipped with performance appraisal and calorie counting software. At the end of each karaoke performance, the software automatically shows on screen the approximate number of calories the singer burned while belting out the song. Singing one song tends to burn from 10 to 20 kilocalories. Naturally, the longer and livelier one sings the more calories are burned. There is also a point scoring function where party groups can be divided into separate teams for the purpose of a karaoke challenge.


KBOX karaoke is fully licensed and opens daily 365 days a year. KBOX karaoke can be an early warm-up for the night ahead, the main event or a 'back to mine' session after dinner. It's perfect for celebrations, team nights out, client entertainment, or just a fantastic night out with your friends. 


KBOX karaoke is committed to provide fun, fun and fun and make it a great night for all patrons.

  • Members are entitled to enjoy a 5% discount on all services
Terms and Conditions
  • Members are required to present their OSU-PAssion membership card before using the facilities and services  

52 La Trobe Street, Melbourne, VIC 3000



Phone: +61 3 9663 9663



Website: http://www.kbox.com.au/