04 Apr 2019

Singapore Day

SG Day 2019: Who you are is who we are!


We called and you answered!

Singaporeans are well-known globe trotters, unafraid of traversing the world. From Anhui to Zaanstad, wherever we settle, we blaze a trail. But we also carry a piece of home with us in our hearts. Because we all know we can take a Singaporean out of Singapore, but we cannot take the Singapore out of a Singaporean.

A couple weeks ago, we asked all of you on your very own personal reflections of how you brought a piece of home with you. We looked through all your heart-warming responses and decided to share some of them! :) From the essential food packets to satisfy our homesick soul to our quintessential Singaporean go-to tiger balm, hear from fellow Singaporeans on what they brought to China!

Wherever you are in the world, you are a part of this Singaporean family! This Singapore Day, we are going to present the faces of our overseas Singaporeans based all over china because who you are, is also who we are! Remember to check out our “Who We Are” exhibit near the entrance at Singapore Day 2019, and who knows, you may just spot someone you know!

And if you STILL have not yet signed up for the event, there is no time to lose as the registrations are closing on 11 April 2019! Register NOW!!!


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