21 Jun 2018

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Why an internship or work attachment in Singapore?

Planning to come home for the summer holidays? Why not consider doing an internship or work attachment? Read on to find out why doing an internship or work attachment in Singapore would be an ideal way to spend your summer holidays.


Singapore is on the path to cultivating a more vibrant and innovative economy, with more firms looking to diversify their employee pool. It is thus an opportune time for you to consider doing an internship or work attachment back home - particularly if you’re planning to spend your school holidays back in Singapore.

Coming back home for the holidays? Here’s why you should consider taking on an internship or work attachment while you’re here.


1. Singapore’s industries are innovating   

With a growing mix of industry sectors, companies in Singapore will be looking for fresh perspectives to help drive the next wave of innovations – which is where you come in!

This creates many opportunities across industries, as companies aim to innovate and seek to grow their talents. By exploring internship options that align with your passion and interests, you’d be better able to understand the necessary skills that may be required for future roles that you may be keen on.

Find out more about the Industry Transformation Maps here!

2. Singapore has something for everyone  

With Singapore having much to offer in our dynamic business landscape, along with the myriad of career opportunities and possibilities, there is bound to be something suited to your interest!

The corporate setting is a popular choice for business and commerce students, given the fact that Singapore – Asia’s financial hub – is home to many international conglomerates and is ensuring its position in the region. For those with an entrepreneurial streak, there is also a burgeoning start-up scene in Singapore, which can offer you on-the-ground learnings of how to get a business off the ground and scale-up with viability. There is also the public sector, which includes government agencies and statutory boards, and this is where you can learn more about the work that keeps our country running smoothly. If you are keen on contributing back to society, or if this is an area you’re passionate about, consider joining a non-governmental organisation (NGO) or non-profit organisation.

 3. Build professional connections back home

Internships and work attachments are one of the best ways to establish and expand your network of professional contacts. This is particularly helpful if you have been away from home for a number of years.

Instead of viewing your internship as a short-term company stint, endeavour to establish positive and long-term relationships with your co-workers, many of who could provide useful advice or guidance, and may even help you along in future. Developing friendships with your fellow interns or work attachment mates may also be a helpful form of mutual encouragement and support – since you’re all in this together! 
4. Work towards your future

Internships may be short but collectively, the experiences will go a long way. Your internship will provide you with insights for future job applications, and help you discover your strengths and careers you might flourish in. Hiring managers are naturally on the look-out for potential hires with prior working experiences. When speaking to them, make sure to highlight what you’d learnt from your previous internships!


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