01 Jan 2017

People - Coming Home

Dr Low Bee Ting - Scientist, Product Design, Procter & Gamble

“I wanted to gain work experience abroad and apply my learning back home.”


“I was very clear about what I wanted to achieve working in the US,” said Dr Low Bee Ting says of her four and a half years in California: “I wanted to gain work experience abroad and apply my learning back home.”

Bee Ting managed to fulfil her ambitions, and found a stimulating job in Singapore within months from her return.

A fresh graduate’s dream

Dr Low Bee Ting

Bee Ting completed her doctorate in 2010 at the National University of Singapore’s Department of Chemical and Bio-molecular Engineering. “Although I wanted to experience living and working overseas, the inertia was huge. Any industry or academic opportunities had to be attractive enough to move me out of my comfort zone!”

Bee Ting said, “Getting a job offer from Membrane Technology and Research (MTR) Inc. was like a dream come true.” The company, located in Bay Area, San Francisco is a world leader in developing and producing membrane systems for industrial gas separations - very relevant to her thesis work. Calling it “the best place to have been”, she was thrilled to work alongside top-notch membrane scientists there.

Looking back, Bee Ting describes her time in MTR as a Senior Research Scientist as “exciting and very rewarding”.

Among many things, Bee Ting was grateful to have had the chance to conduct fundamental research and front-end innovation with prestigious US academic research groups. It also broadened her research vision. The supportive environment at MTR enabled her to explore and innovate, and hone her critical thinking, problem solving, project management and teamwork skills.

Going home

While the 32-year-old was away, she made an effort to keep in close touch with family, friends, and news in Singapore. “Communication is a breeze in this digital age,” she assures.

While she had left Singapore with the conviction that she would be back within a few years, Bee Ting’s family also wanted her home. She jests, “I am the chatterbox at home—it must have been too peaceful without me!”

In 2014, while Bee Ting was looking for opportunities in membrane technology in Singapore, she found an opening at Procter & Gamble (P&G) calling for membrane expertise. She explained, “It was a pleasant surprise as I had not associated P&G, a fast moving consumer goods firm, with membranes.” By May 2015, she was presented with an offer from P&G.

“The role at P&G enables me to continue pursuing my passion and interest,” she shared. “I’m also proud to be part of a great company with innovation embedded in its DNA. P&G has also given me opportunities to explore and experience new research areas.”

The best part, for Bee Ting, is that she can relish being close to family and old friends again. “I have a simple, blessed family,” she smiles. “There really is no place like home!”


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