29 Dec 2014

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Do your part for The Boys’ Brigade Share-A-Gift Project

Make a difference this holiday season by donating to the Boys Brigade’s Share-A-Gift (BBSG) Project today!


Our Camp@Home kids helping the less fortunate via BBSG

The BBSG project is a national community service initiative organised annually by The Boys' Brigade in Singapore. Held during the Christmas season, BBSG aims to promote the spirit of caring and sharing among Singaporeans.

Earlier this year, our took the lead in doing their part for the community. The children packed food necessities into hampers for distribution it to the needy living in rental flats. Through this act of sharing, they understood how fortunate they are and learnt more about the spirit of caring.

“We gave hampers to them because we want to help the less fortunate. Helping people makes me feel happy!” said 12 year old Grace.

If you would like to do your part, go onto FairPrice’s online portal. The portal accepts donations made using overseas-issued Visa, MasterCard and American Express credit cards. For more information on the online donation, you can contact the BBSG hotline at +65 1800-227-4273 (65-1800-BBSHARE), visit its official website or check out NTUC FairPrice’s FAQs.

As you do your part for the community, stay tuned to this page as we feature stories of beneficiaries whose lives will be made different by your kindness!


Ahmad Sufi Razak, 13 years old

Ahmad has been with AWWA TEACH ME Services for three and a half years. Born with Cerebral Palsy, he is the oldest among two sisters and one brother, who are aged five to 11. His family of six live in a three-room HDB flat, and faces difficulties with the school fees, daily necessities and medical bills.

Ahmad is currently undergoing occupational therapy for his medical condition. He also requires special types of shoes and assistive devices to maintain his posture and improve his movement abilities. Nonetheless, despite his condition, he is still an active child and likes to take part in various activities.

This Christmas, BBSG hopes to gift him with a pair of high-cut shoes which will provide the necessary support for his ankles and give him greater ease of movement, so that he can have more fun when playing outdoors.


Muhammad Noriman Bin Abdul Hafiz, 13 years old

Noriman has been with AWWA TEACH ME Services for the past one and a half years. He comes from a single-parent family, and lives with his mother, brother and sister in a three-room HDB flat. The family requires financial assistance to meet their basic needs.

Noriman has Specific Language Impairment (SLI), resulting in him having great difficulties in understanding language and complex instructions. He faces significant struggles in school and requires unique intervention and support from professionals to help him cope in a mainstream school. He is currently receiving Speech and Language Therapy.

With a keen interest in soccer, Noriman has displayed great potential in the sport. His teachers have also seen much improvement in his school behaviour after he picked up the sport. To fuel Noriman’s passion for soccer and motivate him to be more involved in school, BBSG hopes to give him a brand new set of sporting attire, complete with soccer boots, for his soccer practice.


Lim Jia Ting, 7 years old

The youngest in the family, Jia Ting lives with his two older siblings and his mother. Jia Ting has Global Development Delay (GDD), causing him to lag behind his peers in school. He is receiving physical therapy as well as speech and language therapy. Jia Ting has been with AWWA TEACH ME Services for the past 5 months.

Since the death of Jia Ting’s father from an accident, Jia Ting’s mum has had her hands full taking care of three children with their growing needs and undivided attention. It is an immense challenge to spend time with her children and take them out for various activities due to lack of supervision.

This Christmas, BBSG hopes to give Jia Ting a bicycle, so that he can spend more time outdoors, and provide him with opportunities to bond with his siblings, but also to socialise with other children.


Muhammad Ridwan Mohd Asim, 11 years old

Ridwan was born prematurely, and as a result, faces delay in achieving his developmental milestones. His medical condition has also resulted in him having trouble keeping up in school. He has two older sisters aged 21 and 17. The family of five faces financial constraints, and his parents struggle to pay for his medical bills on top of supporting the family. Ridwan has been with AWWA TEACH ME Services for the past four and a half years.

Although he is currently undergoing a range of therapies – physical therapy, occupational therapy, and speech and language therapy, Ridwan remains a very active child who loves his outdoor activities. As his family is unable to afford luxurious gifts, Ridwan has requested for a useful and practical gift not only for himself, but something that he can share with his sisters as well.

This Christmas, BBSG hopes to bring some festive cheer to Ridwan by giving him a bicycle, so that he can take turns to cycle around with his sisters.



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