07 Aug 2018

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National Day Parade 2018 – What to watch out for!

We Are Singapore! This year’s National Day Parade celebrates the inspiring stories of everyday Singaporeans who overcame challenges and hardships to fulfill their aspirations. Find out more of the highlights of NDP 2018 – which promises to be exciting, engaging and emotive!


This year’s National Day Parade (NDP) pays tribute to the generations of everyday Singaporeans who overcame challenges and hardships to fulfill their aspirations, and whose stories now serve as a source of inspiration to all. Inspiring real-life stories such as that of Singapore’s second female Olympian and former national sprinter Mary Klass, are featured in a show film woven through the show segment, helmed by NDP’s creative director and award-winning filmmaker Boo Junfeng.


Exciting, engaging and emotive – here are some other highlights to watch out for at NDP 2018!

A pre-parade mascot welcome

Say hi to your favourite mascots! (Image credits: NDP 2018 EXCO)

Remember Sharity Elephant, Teamy the Productivity Bee and Singa the Courtesy Lion? These memorable mascots, along with three others – Captain Green, Water Wally and Nila the Lion – will be on hand to welcome the NDP crowd in a pre-parade segment, leading up to the main show.


Naval Combat Divers’ inaugural appearance


A Naval Combat Diver touches down in the waters of Marina Bay.
(Image credits: NDP 2018 EXCO)


This year marks the first appearance of the Singapore Navy’s Naval Combat Divers in the NDP pre-parade segment. 8 divers in full combat gear will execute a freefall water jump from around 1,800 metres into a specially demarcated part of Marina Bay’s waters.


Red Lions’ highest jump



The Red Lions and Naval Combat Divers wave to the crowd after their successful jumps. (Image credits: NDP 2018 EXCO)


Singapore’s Red Lions are always a highlight of the NDP, and they are upping the ante this year with their highest wingsuit jump ever – from a height of 3,800 metres!  Once on land, the Red Lions and the Naval Combat Divers will pay tribute to the nation together in a combined salute.

The ‘Placard Challenge’



Audience members waving their placards during the parade.

(Image credits: NDP 2018 EXCO)


These special placards, found in every NDP Funpack, is a dual representation of every individual as a Singaporean, but collectively united as One People. On one side, which says ‘I am…’ NDP attendees are encouraged to write down a word or phrase that best describes them as an individual. During the parade, attendees in the Floating Platform stands are encouraged to raise these placards to create a formation that can be viewed by all.


Daytime fireworks and ‘five star’ fireworks


Fireworks delighting the crowd throughout the parade.
(Image credits: NDP 2018 EXCO)


This year’s NDP takes the firework spectacle to another level with a special five star display during the Grand Finale, making a stunning visual accompaniment as the National Anthem is played. There will also be a firework display in the day, starting from 5pm.

Swivel panel stage design


Local band M1LDL1FE performing in front of the swivel stage in Act 3.
(Image credits: NDP 2018 EXCO)

To keep the design of the stage ever changing and refreshing, this year’s boasts a unique swivel screen design, consisting of 10 panels measuring 15m x 5m each. These panels can move to form various configurations for a greater display diversity, such as a 50m-wide screen, or multiple individual screens.

Water procession around Marina Bay


The Dragon playground float making its way down Marina Bay.
(Image credits: NDP 2018 EXCO)


Visitors to Marina Bay will be able to view some familiar sights on illuminated boats and floats that set sail in the surrounding waters – namely, recreated versions of old-school playground designs, such as the Dragon, Dove and Pelican.

A remake of a beloved National Day song


L-R: Local singers Gareth Fernandez, Aisyah Aziz, Charlie Lim, Joanna Dong and rapper THELIONCITYBOY at the parade’s finale segment.

(Image credits: NDP 2018 EXCO)

You may have heard a refreshed version of a classic National Day song as the NDP 2018 theme song – this is thanks to singer-songwriter Charlie Lim, who added his own unique spin to ‘We Are Singapore’, originally featured in 1987. Aside from Charlie, this year’s parade also features a stellar line up of 27 local artistes, including Sing! China finalist and jazz songstress Joanna Dong, indie band M1LDL1FE, hip-hop artist THELIONCITYBOY, and acappella group MICappella, which will perform their medley version of National Day songs from over the years.

(Image credits: NDP 2018 EXCO)


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If you’re planning to watch the National Day Parade live on 9 August, here’s how you can stream it from wherever you are in the world!



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