29 Oct 2014

Food - A Taste of Home -

Kueh Lopez

This time A Taste Of Home is introducing the nostalgic snack, Kueh Lopez! Miss this traditional snack? Come check out the recipe now!




1 cup of glutinous rice
Green/Yellow coloring
Grated coconut
Gula Melaka


1. Put about 1 cupful of rice in a rice bowl
2. Add water, just right to cover the rice
3. Nuke it for about 5 minutes
4. Stir it
5. Put it back in for another 5 minutes
6. If the water has dried out and the rice is still not soft, slowly add in a little bit at a time till the rice is soft. It has to be slightly softer than your normal glutinous rice.
7. Put it on a big piece of cling film
8. Mold it into a triangle 
9. Cover it with grated coconut
10. Pour melted Gula Melaka over the Kueh Lopez.  

Recipe adapted from Tina.


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