01 Jan 2017

People - Coming Home

Kenny Ng - Associate, Ernst and Young Advisory

“Singapore is truly a melting pot of race, religion and culture, with enough diversity for a constant influx of opportunities, be it local or international


“I’ve always been intrigued by the world,” professed Kenny Ng. “The different cultures, ways of life, and types of people fascinate me to no end.” Growing up, Kenny travelled frequently with his family and it seemed only natural that he made his way overseas for his undergraduate studies.

“As the proverb goes, ‘the world is your oyster”, Kenny said.

Four years later and after two exchanges to Copenhagen and Romania, the Honours graduate from the University of Western Australia (UWA) took a hard look at his options, and realised that Singapore will always be home.

Kenny Ng

As an undergraduate, he attended networking sessions in Australia and in Singapore during his term breaks, and these sessions opened up new opportunities. Kenny acknowledged, “Because of these events, I was able to explore options beyond Economics. Singapore takes the extra effort in ensuring that we are exposed to similar opportunities as those studying in local universities.”

Kenny has been back since 2015 and returning home wasn’t the easiest decision to make.

“There is a certain allure in living in a new place. It’s exciting and provides novel experiences. I got to know some great friends in Perth too!” Kenny said.

In the end, though Kenny took the first step home because of his desire to build his career and be close to his family. He also credited Singapore’s safety and accessibility as key deciding factors.

“Singapore is truly a melting pot of race, religion and culture, with enough diversity for a constant influx of opportunities, be it local or international,” Kenny says.

Now an Associate with Ernst and Young Advisory Singapore, Kenny has discovered “the perfect balance of working within the comforts of home whilst satisfying my desire to experience different cities and cultures.”

Already, in the short time he has been with the company, he has been on business trips to Bangkok and Sydney, and foresees more such opportunities he can look forward to.

“My decision to return home has definitely paid off, both personally and career-wise. My current job at Ernst and Young Advisory Singapore is enriching and fast-paced, with the right amount of diversity and vibrancy,” Kenny shared.

Advocate and ambassador

“As an overseas graduate, I find myself in a unique situation where I am an ambassador for both Singapore and my Australian alma mater,” he recognised. Currently, Kenny sits on the Executive Committee of the UWA Singapore Alumni Network. “I strongly urge all overseas Singaporeans to keep their minds open about the opportunities back home.”

Kenny points to Singapore’s position as a prominent financial hub with major MNCs and financial institutions having regional headquarters here. “Being exposed to so many different types of people, work environments and social situations gives us an edge at both the management and personal levels,” Kenny said.


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