Editor's Note August 2015

Celebrations and Exhibitions

Mic Tay

 This is the month of celebration and exhibitions.

Earlier in July, I visited the Straits Times exhibition Singapore STories: Then, Now, Tomorrow at the ArtScience Museum at Marina Bay Sands. The exhibition is a rich chronicle of the daily paper’s 170 years of reporting. There are colourful photographs and rich accounts of defining moments in our nation’s history.

This photo for instance, is a stark visual of how far we have come. I remember taking in the same view as a Primary 6 student on a school excursion to the helicopter pad atop the Westin Stamford Hotel (now known as Swissotel The Stamford), marvelling at how tall the buildings were. How different it is today.


Having grown alongside the nation, the Straits Times’ archive is a photo book of the lives we shared on this tiny (bigger than last time but still small) island. My personal favourite is an interactive photo slider that featured a picture of Maxwell Chambers (the old Customs House) through the years. That’s where my mother used to work while heavy with child (I was a heavy baby) before she left public service. During those last working years, she would sit at the fountain outside the MND building after having had her lunch, enjoying the cool breeze and piped classical music. Despite what she had hoped, I didn’t develop a love for classical music, though years later, I would end up working in that same MND building as a public servant.

Maxwell Chambers in 1974 and 2015

The exhibition will run till 4 Oct and is free entry for all. If you are back home this August, it’s certainly worth a visit.

Another exhibition worth checking out is the Good Morning ‘Cher: Our Schools, Our Teachers, Our Stories exhibition. Discover gems from our earlier years in education such as the OHP (overhead projector), 好公民 (Good Citizen) civic education textbooks and pyramid-shaped milk packets. Placed beside the digital tablets and mixed media technology that our children enjoy today, it’s testament to how far we have come. Click here for more information but do take note of the dates and location as this is a roving exhibition.

Does anyone know what Bala was doing on the moon with a pink handbag?

The liveliest exhibition this August has to be the National Day Celebration. This year, it’s more than just the parade. Spanning 3 days from Friday to Sunday, there will be celebration sites in the Marina Bay area with activities for everyone. In one specific location at the MBS Event Plaza, thanks to the NDP Committee, we will be showing videos of overseas Singaporeans’ SG50 celebration events in 2015. Here’s a sneak peek. A big thank you to the friends in New York, San Francisco, London, Shanghai and Sydney and Adelaide who made it possible.

The highlight of the celebration weekend has to be the NDP Show which everyone is looking forward to. If you’re not attending an NDP celebration in your part of the world with fellow Singaporeans, do catch the show online. Here’s how to watch. You won’t want to miss the stunning display by our Armed forces; the vintage parade of Policemen in shorts and SIA girls in kebayas; top notch performers and fireworks, fireworks and more fireworks.

Ji ba boom.

Mic Tay
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