13 Feb 2015

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Waffling On about Singapore Community Day 2015

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Stanley Leong

The meeting (with waffles) that started it all!

It all began with home-made waffles and a hearty potluck breakfast at 8am on a cool autumn day! Surely not the time many would choose to be awake on a Saturday morning if they could help it. After a sumptuous breakfast, it was down to serious business thinking about what Singapore Community Day would be all about.

The ideas of what the committee wanted and needed came fast and furious. (Left),
The skeletal framework towards what we think will be a great event! (Right)

A flurry of post-it notes later, a skeleton was taking shape. The event was still way in the distance, but these were the first steps towards a celebration.

Fast forward and five months later, 500 Singaporeans are counting down and secretly hoping that 28 February 2015 would come sooner. The organizers on the other hand are wishing for more time to put together a most seamless and enjoyable event for fellow Singaporeans. Notwithstanding, the show must and will go on! The organizing committee of Singapore Community Day 2015 comprise largely the committee of San Francisco Bay Area-based Singaporean community group, SingaporeConnect and later, more were co-opted to beef up the team. Still that wasn’t enough for an event this scale, so a call was made for volunteers – a call greeted with encouraging response from the community. From working professionals, to home makers and students at Stanford University, UC Berkeley and the NUS Overseas College, roles were being filled. If there’s one thing that underpins this event, it’s that it’s a community effort - Singaporeans in and around San Francisco coming together to take ownership of an event that belonged to them and fellow Singaporeans.

A most beautiful private park was secured in mid-December 2014 for this event that will mark SG50 - in celebration of Singapore’s fiftieth birthday. And since the date would fall on the tenth day of the Lunar New Year, the Singaporean community would celebrate the Year of the Goat together. As if we needed more reasons for a party, SingaporeConnect turns 10 years old this year! We hope someone’s ordered a cake for this wonderful group, some of whose pioneer members continue to actively serve the community till this day.

The organizing committee (clockwise from bottom left: CK, Jas, Mark, Kris, Pam, myself and JK.)

With Singapore Community Day barely two weeks away, the committee and volunteers are switching to an even higher gear. There’s still much to be done and coordination is key. The committee may strive to plan for an event that will run like clockwork, but we are not making the staging of a perfect event our goal, but one that oozes a lot of heart and soul, because these are the same ingredients that are being poured into Singapore Community Day 2015 by the organizers and volunteers, and the same ingredients that went into the waffles that autumn day in September 2014.

If you’re still thinking about joining us at Singapore Community Day 2015, we welcome all Singaporeans across the US West Coast and the greater USA to come together for this special SG50 celebration where we come together as one people, one nation and one (50-year-old) Singapore! Sign up here!

See you soon!