21 Jun 2018

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Which path to take?

Planning to come home for the summer holidays? Why not consider doing an internship or work attachment? Read on for some tips on how to make an informed decision on which path you may be interested to embark upon, and which types of internship or work attachments may be helpful for you.


When applying for an internship or work attachment, remember to identify, identify, identify! Check out these three tips on how to identify and facilitate your search, to help you make an informed decision on the options available.

1. Identify and research your areas of interest


You can start your search by learning more about the industries you’re considering venturing into. The Singapore Industry Landscape provides a good overview and key information of the various industries in Singapore. You can sieve through according to your area of study or interests in certain industries to have a clearer picture of the knowledge or skillsets you’d need to gain or develop.


It’s also important to keep abreast of Singapore’s developments to know more about our emerging trends, economic outlook and growth. For instance, as Singapore strives towards being a ‘Smart Nation’, initiatives such as Block 71 and Lean Launchpad Singapore support this growth. Aside from helping you better understand your options, they could serve as talking points when you meet with your potential interviewers. Hiring managers will likely be curious about how updated you are on Singapore’s developments and your take on it, since being abroad often brings new observations and fresh perspectives.


2. Identify your strengths


It’s helpful to have a better understanding your own Values, Interests, Personality and Skills, and map these onto the demands of the role. Along with assessing potential job fits and misses, this could also build a picture of what you may envision yourself achieving by the end of your internship, and how the experience would help you towards your future career. 

3. Identify the right online resources   



Leverage on available resources online to find and apply for internships or work attachments! Besides searching on go-to job portals such as Linkedin, InternSG or Indeed, another one to consider is GradConnection, a one-stop portal that specialises in internships and graduate jobs. For those who are interested in the public sector, Careers@Gov lists internship opportunities from various government ministries and statutory boards. You can also visit Glints, a ‘career discovery and development platform’ dedicated to helping youths discover their passion and interests, which will be helpful in pointing you towards the right direction.
On a related note: be aware of the deadlines listed on respective job applications and hiring cycles of various industries – and be sure to start early, as the hiring process could take longer than expected.


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