National Day 2017 Celebrations Around the World!

National Day 2017 Celebrations Around the World!


#OneNationTogether, no matter where in the world you may be!
The theme for this year’s National Day Parade – #OneNationTogether – is a rallying call to unite all Singaporeans. As we progress as a nation, let us overcome the odds by standing together as one people and one nation.
You can join other Singaporeans in celebrating Singapore’s 52nd birthday, wherever you may be. We have consolidated a list of NDP celebrations taking place around the world, and to find out more about an event, please visit the respective event pages or email the organisers directly.
If you are an event organiser and would like to list your National Day event here, email us at with the event’s details.
In the spirit of sharing the rally call of this year’s NDP through social media, we would love to see photos or videos from your National Day celebrations. Hashtag your social media posts with #OverseasSingaporean, or upload your photos/videos to our Facebook page at


Date City Time Organiser More Information Event Highlights
5/8/17 Adelaide Lunch Singapore Association, The University of Adelaide Contact Details -
5/8/17 Brisbane Dinner Singapore Club of Queensland Contact Details -
9/8/17 Adelaide Dinner Singapore Medical Society Flinders Contact Details -
9/8/17 Brisbane 6pm till late Queensland University of Technology Zhi Qiang Kor -
9/8/17 Canberra Dinner Australian National University Singapore Students Association Nicholas Chen -
9/8/17 Hobart Dinner Singapore Students' Society University of Tasmania Contact Details -
9/8/17 Melbourne Dinner University of Melbourne Singapore Students Society Contact Details -
9/8/17 Perth 3pm till late University of Western Australia Singapore Students Society Lucius Peng -
9/8/17 Perth 5pm onwards Murdoch University Singapore Student Association, The Singapore Link Contact Details -
9/8/17 Sydney Dinner University of Sydney Singapore Students Society  Contact Details -
11/8/17 Melbourne 6.30pm till late Singaporeans of Victoria Wei Cheng Ang -
11/8/17 Sydney 7pm till late Temasek Club NSW Inc Angela Lee -
12/8/17 Melbourne 6pm to 9pm Singapore Professionals in Melbourne Gary -
12/8/17 Melbourne 4pm to 8pm Melbourne SG Kampong Felix Choo -
12/8/17 Newcastle 6.30pm till late Singapore Association, University of Newcastle  Hamzah Mas -
13/8/17 Canberra 12pm to 3pm Canberra Singapore Club Usha Naidu -
19/8/17 Adelaide Dinner Singapore Business and Social Association Rajah Thiyagarajah -
19/8/17 Brisbane Dinner Singapore Business Group Andrew Foo -
19/8/17 Christchurch Dinner Singapore Club Christchurch Contact Details -

Northeast Asia

Date City Time Organiser More Information Event Highlights
5/8/17 Beijing Dinner Singapore Chamber of Commerce and Industry in China Contact Details -
5/8/17 Hong Kong Dinner Little Red Dot in Hong Kong -  
9/8/17 Hong Kong Dinner Singapore Association of Hong Kong (SAHK) and Singapore Chamber of Commerce and Industry  - -
12/8/17 Beijing Open House Embassy in Beijing - -
12/8/17 Shanghai Dinner Shanghai Singapore Business Association - -
18/8/17 Shanghai Lunch Mission in Shanghai - -

Southeast Asia

Date City Time Organiser More Information Event Highlights
9/8/17 Bangkok 6pm onwards Singapore Thai Chamber of Commerce Contact Details -
9/8/17 Cambodia 7.30pm onwards Singapore Club of Cambodia Contact Details -
9/8/17 Ho Chi Minh City 5.30pm till late Singapore Business Group (HCMC) Contact Details -
12/8/17 Jakarta 11am to 2.30pm Singapore Embassy in Jakarta Website -


Country Date City Time Organiser More Information Event Highlights
Germany 9/7/17 Munich 2pm to 5pm Singapore Embassy in Berlin Nicholas Teng The Straits Times article
Poland 23/7/17 Warsaw Dinner Singaporeans in Poland (FB group) Jerry -
United Kingdom 19/8/17 London Lunch Singapore United Kingdom Association (SUKA) Website -
Netherlands 1/10/17 TBA Lunch Singapore Netherlands Association (SNA) Leslie Teo -

North America

Date City Time Organiser More Information Event Highlights
5/8/17 Chicago 1pm onwards OSO Singaporeans in Chicago Facebook Event -
5/8/17 Honolulu Dinner Singapore Club of Hawaii Facebook Group -
6/8/17 Saratoga Springs TBD Singaporeans in Upstate New York Pat Loh  
6/8/17 Seattle Lunch Seattle Singaporeans Meetup Group Ailin Lim -
6/8/17 Tustin 3pm to 3pm Club Singapura Alfred -
11/8/17 Washington DC 6pm onwards Singapore Embassy in Washington D.C. Natashia Atmadja -
12/8/17 Denver 6pm to 9pm Dallas-Fort Worth Singapore Club Website -
12/8/17 San Francisco 2pm to 4pm Singapore Consulate-General of the Republic of Singapore Chew Ee Lin -
13/8/17 Vancouver Lunch Vancouver Singapore Club Website -
18/8/17 New York 6pm onwards New York Consulate Eugene Ng  
26/8/17 Houston Lunch Malaysian-Singaporean Association of Houston (MSAH) Website -
26/8/17 San Diego 5pm to 9pm Singapore-Malaysia Club of San Diego Website -



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