Matching with Your Dream Job
25 Feb 2019


Matching with Your Dream Job

If only there was an ‘OkCupid’ for job searches, where the power of algorithms and formulas could shave off time and connect us with our ideal match. Oh wait, there is! It’s called MyCareersFuture.


Launched in April 2018, MyCareersFuture is a career portal developed by Workforce Singapore and the Government Technology Agency, that matches professionals with opportunities in Singapore, based on their skill sets. It partners with Google, JobsCentral, Jooble and LinkedIn to pool their job postings together.


Looking for new opportunities back home? Here are four ways to make the most out of the MyCareersFuture portal and its related resources to land your dream job:    



Let the Bots Do the Matching for You


Fill in your skills to hone down on the best fit


MyCareersFutures goes above and beyond the traditional job search, typically based on job titles, salaries and company names. With the portal, you can fill in your skill sets to narrow down to only the most fitting jobs, skipping out on all the likely mismatches.


When creating your profile, you will be prompted to list the skills you have. A learning bot will then take over the tiresome work of going through all the job descriptions and rank your search results according to the skill match. So, the more relevant skills you fill in, the more accurate your search result will be! The portal also allows you to identify companies that support continuous training and upskilling under current government schemes.


Conventional filter checkboxes, such as job level, sector, employment type, location and salary can help you further zoom in to your preferred job.


Don’t Be Shy to Turn to Help


Everyone can benefit from professional career tips


Feeling lost in the job search labrinyth, or dejected despite potentially matching up? You can click on MyCareersFuture’s Career Toolkit to read up on how to better identify the right opportunities, win over your interviewers, and map out a stellar career plan. You can start by reading articles like “How PMETs Can Improve Their Job Applications”, to up your job hunt game; for example, a good takeaway from it is to carve a niche for yourself, in order to uniquely market yourself during your application!


For those looking to explore new industries or roles (if we’d managed to convince you in the earlier tip), you can also check out some occupation insights from various industries on the Toolkit! The kit also includes personal stories of individuals who have successfully broken through to new industries or roles.


P.S. Ace your interview by checking out our tips in this helpful article.  



Keep Learning (and Learning, and Learning…)


It is important for you to stay up-to-date as industries keep scaling upwards. Log on to MySkillsFuture portal (which complements MyCareersFuture) using your Singpass to access information on potential career pathways and the training available to achieve them. You’re sure to find one that will help you further build up your niche.
As a recap: all citizens 25 years old and above have $500 worth of SkillsFuture credits that can be used to offset the listed upgrading courses. To get a head start, you can sign up for online courses by the likes of Coursera, Udemy and NTUC Learning Lab while still overseas.


Upgrade yourself with new skills


Next Steps


Congratulations! You’ve found the job you always wanted. So, what’s next? If you are looking to return home, you can check out some of our resources for returning professionals here. For families, there’s a spiffy infographic that lists the essentials you’d need to consider when planning your move home, such as converting your driving license, enrolling your children in school, and considering your housing options.


Looking ahead, you can read up on your professional sector’s Industry Transformation Map to see what’s been planned for the coming years. This will give you a sense of how growth and upskilling efforts will be consolidated across relevant industries. If you are in the Finance or Technology industry, you can also consider connecting with fellow professionals based overseas in our respective LinkedIn groups – just drop us a request there.



Excited? All the best in finding your right match!


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