02 Aug 2019


Our Singapore: Highlights of National Day Parade 2019

On National Day 2019, we celebrate both 54 years of independence as well as the Bicentennial – the 200th anniversary of Raffles’ arrival on our shores. Here’s a sneak peek at what you can expect to see this year on August 9th.


August 9th is a special date for Singapore and the National Day Parade is our annual reminder of how just far we’ve come as a country and an enjoyable celebration of our past, present and future. This year, the theme is “Our Singapore”, a poignant reminder that the story of Singapore belongs to all of us, and it is a story that began long before 1965.

Wave your Singapore flag high and proud! (Image credits: NDPeeps)

Like every good story, the Parade consists of a Prologue and 6 Acts. The Prologue sets the stage for the celebration and features the Red Lions making their 10,000 feet descent to the Padang, a feat of precision and skill that always looks easier than it is. Beyond the Red Lions, here are some highlights unique to this year’s parade!


Eight amazing floats representing eight organisations that built one nation

This year, especially because it’s our Bicentennial celebration, look out for a series of eight visually arresting floats that will enter the Padang. Each float represents an organisation in Singapore from the 19th century that played a major role in building our nation. These include Singapore Volunteer Rifle Corps, The Straits Times, Robinsons, Singapore General Hospital and the Post Office Savings Bank.

Remembering the Singapore Volunteer Rifle Corps that played a crucial role in building early Singapore (Image credits: NDPeeps)


Never-before-seen newcomers to the marching contingent and the aerial display

The traditional Parade and Ceremony segment this year marks several firsts. For example, it will be the first time the SAF and HomeTeam Volunteer Corps join the marching contingent.

It will also be the first time the Multi-Role Tanker Transport next-generation aircraft will be participating in the Aerial Display. Those watching on screens will be able to get a close up look at the stunning skills displayed by our pilots.

The Marching Contingent is a familiar favourite at the National Day Parade (Image credits: NDPeeps)


The Mobile Column returns to the Padang… and beyond!

Following the Parade segment, the Mobile Column will take centre stage. This marks the 50th anniversary of the Mobile Column’s first appearance at the National Day Parade.

It will be an impressive showcase of 171 hardware, platforms and other assets from the Singapore Armed Forces and the Home Team. This year, there will also be a special tribute to those born in the 1950s – the Merdeka Generation – the first to serve their country. We must honour those who served before us!

The Mobile Column returns to the Padang marking 50 years since their first appearance! (Image credits: NDPeeps)

What else is new this year: The Mobile Column won’t just show up at the Padang and disappear. It will also make its way into the heartlands in the days that follow! These will also be accompanied by an exciting four-minute display of fireworks. If you have friends and family living in or around Punggol, Woodlands, Jurong East, Wisma Geylang Serai and Bishan, remind them to look out for the Mobile Column and the fireworks in their neighbourhoods on August 10th.


One of the largest and youngest groups of participants

The Show portion of the Parade sees over 2,700 performers from all walks of life coming together to perform. Volunteers from the People’s Association, the Music and Drama Company, Singapore Soka Association, TOUCH Community Services and more will showcase Singapore’s multicultural heritage and vibrancy.

What’s more, almost half of the performers are students from four schools – Hua Yi Secondary School, Juying Primary School, Pasir Ris Crest Secondary School and Temasek Secondary School, making this also one of the youngest group of participants in a National Day Parade.

With colourful costumes, lively songs and energetic dancing, each captivating performance evokes the contribution of people from diverse backgrounds throughout history, and into Singapore’s future!

What else is new this year: This year’s Parade funpack has a strong focus on sustainability and zero waste. If you hear the sound of clappers at the Parade, you’d be pleased to know that they’re actually reusable bamboo straws given out as part of the funpack!

The children of our future, and the pioneers of tomorrow (Image credits: NDPeeps)


A new face behind the multimedia and film takes centre stage at this year’s parade

A multimedia experience follows, the brainchild of critically acclaimed film director Royston Tan, who is participating in his first National Day Parade. With the theme “Our Nation”, this segment consists of four stories of different Singaporeans who overcome their adversities with the help of one another to build a better society.

What else is new this year: The segment also features a drum performance by 600 youths from the Singapore Soka Association. Their rhythmic beats will be synchronised with LED wristbands given to all Parade attendees, creating a light and sound spectacle throughout the Padang. Makes you wish you were at the Parade itself!

Amazing LED lighted performance by our Singapore Soka Association youths! (Image credits: NDPeeps)


Exhilarating fireworks display to close the event with an unprecedented twist

The National Day Parade is nothing without a stunning fireworks display. This year, to commemorate the Bicentennial, the fireworks display will go one step further! For the first time, fireworks will be set off not just at the Padang and Marina Bay, but also at the Singapore River, bringing the celebration closer to even more Singaporeans!

The breath-taking fireworks display brings Singapore’s skyline to life (Image credits: NDPeeps)

We hope you’ll join us in catching this year’s National Day Parade! So don your reds and whites, and watch it ‘live’ on 9 August 2019 with fellow Singaporeans overseas!



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